Holiday Bazaar

This Year's Event: September 10-12 2021

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the 52FSS Eifel Holiday Bazaar?

The 2019 Holiday Bazaar will be hosted by the Saber Community Spouses Club. Dozens of vendors from all over Europe come to Hangars 1 and 2 to sell a wide variety of products including cheeses, wines, handmade items, antiques, jewelry, and so much more.

More than that, though, the Eifel Holiday Bazaar is a fundraiser. In 2016, the Bazaar raised more than $64,000 in profits that go directly back into the community. ALL of the proceeds from this event go back to the Saber Nation through outreach programs, scholarship funds, donations to organizations across the base and throughout the military community, and through donations to individuals facing hardships.

When you shop the Bazaar, you are helping support our service members, civilians, and families.

For the most up-to-date information about the Bazaar, visit us at our Holiday Bazaar Facebook page!


funds from the Bazaar given back to the community?

Donations using funds from the Eifel Holiday Bazaar include allocated funds, given away each year through scholarships, sports programs, Air Force Organizations, dorm support, and more. We also meet as a Board monthly to give away unallocated funds to applicants who need financial assistance throughout the year.  


I get involved?

1. Shop! It's easy, and it's fun: stop by the Bazaar throughout the weekend and shop the best of Europe. Every time you buy an item, you are contributing to our community.

Volunteer! It takes over 400 volunteers and 35 board members to raise this large amount of money for the Saber community.  The 52 FSS Holiday Eifel Bazaar needs YOU to make this event successful! 

Be a vendor! Do you have a unique product to sell, or know a business owner who would like to be involved? Click here to fill out the form to become a vendor!

4. Spread the word! The Eifel Holiday Bazaar is open to ALL US and NATO cardholders, so invite your friends and family to come shop the Bazaar! Word of mouth is the best advertising.