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Big Bazaar Changes!


I have some significant news to share with you all. This past Monday, Col McFall called a meeting with the SSEMC President and myself to inform us that beginning in 2017, there will only be one bazaar, and it will be a joint effort between both clubs. The proceeds of the bazaar will be split evenly and be deposited into our respective community outreach accounts. The decision was driven by several factors, including our shrinking base population, increased missions and the overall drain on base resources.

I am excited to join forces with SSEMC to plan the 2017 Holiday Bazaar; we each bring unique strengths to the table and I'm confident we will execute an amazing bazaar.

But...for now, we have the 2016 Eifel Holiday Bazaar looming, and much to do to make it a success!

We had a Bazaar Board meeting yesterday. Things are moving along, but we need more help! Now is the time! Even if you can only commit to one of the days, we want you. If you can be there for two, fantastic! All three, even better. There are jobs that range from sitting most of the time, to walking constantly; from minimal personal interaction to lots of talking. Truly, there is a place for everyone.

Please seriously consider what you are able to offer. And if there's truly no way that you can volunteer the weekend of the bazaar, I ask that you help us spread the word and encourage everyone you know to come and SHOP!!!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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